Helping Artists Live and Work in Pittsburgh
Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1997, Artists and Cities Inc. is a non-profit real estate development and resource organization that works to foster community and economic growth by helping to ensure an integral place for professional creative people in Pittsburgh’s future. We do this through developing living and working space for artists and arts organizations, by reclaiming historic buildings in city neighborhoods, and by offering consulting services to individuals and groups interested in owning and developing their own spaces. Using a special fund, we identify and create opportunities for artists to create new work and become more actively involved in communities through the making of art. We also maintain an active database of approximately 4000 area artists for purposes of research and information sharing. As the region’s first and only real estate developer that focuses on the needs of our area’s thousands of working artists and their families, Artists and Cities has generated over $7 million in community investment, and is twice the recipient of Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation’s Award of Merit.